Traveling is passion, favorite or dream of many people in all over the world. However, not all people have enough money to travel to anywhere in all over the world, so budget traveling are being looked for by many people. One of the reason for saving is to travel during low season. However, but there are also some advantages which you may experience.

  1. GAINS
  2. Cost saving

Cost saving is considered as the biggest gain for traveling in the low season in Vietnam. For myself, I often chose to travel during off-season. During this time, service cost from flight tickets to restaurants, will be much cheaper than that in peak season. Besides, accommodations will not be booked out early. Also, if book tour packages, you will be offered with better prices.

I still remember that in the late last year, I booked a tour to Cat Ba from Hanoi – 3 days 2 nights visiting some island; the price was just around US $100.

  1. Hunting cheap tours

There are some places (especially historical monuments), travel in group tours will be cheaper than private tours. Many people often buy tours through local agencies in the center cities with the hope of better prices. However, many people have to pay more than their planning, because, the services may not be as what they are introduced, for example they may have to pay for their meals which are more expensive than being included in the tour packages. Therefore, finding and book promotion tours from a reliable Vietnam agency is advised.

  1. Being comfort and avoiding crowds

Another benefit from traveling during off-season is the comfort, because you nearly do not have to see the crowds. Famous beaches, tourist places will be strangely peaceful and quiet. Therefore, you will really enjoy the wonderful trip.


Above are what you gain from off-season travel, but there will be some problems which you may regret.

  1. Facing bad weather

In Vietnam, the high season for traveling from October to April. During this time, the weather also is bad sometimes. However, there is not much rain like in the remaining period. The weather will affect a lot to your trip. Therefore, if you travel during off-season, you should prepare suitable items and clothes accordance with seasons.

  1. Landscapes not being great

If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, off-season travel is not suitable. At some places, the landscapes are only at the best if you visit on the right time, such as wild cabbage’s flowers in Moc Chau or rice blooming season in Mu Cang Chai. If possible, you should check the weather for the whole month and choose the nice days.

  1. Missing the local specialties

Some local specialties are only made in some periods. For instance, if you travel to Mekong Delta during floating season, you can enjoy the best foods from fishes. Similarly, there are many types of tropical fruits are served during this season.

  1. Missing traditional local festivals

Festivals in Vietnam are often hold during high season for travel. Festivals is the best things for visitors who want to explore and experience local cultures and custom. During this time, you can participate in folk games and share culture knowledge with the locals or other visitors.

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Visiting Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi

Where is Bach Ma Temple located?

Bach Ma Temple is one of the best famous attractions in Hanoi that is located in Hoan Kiem district. In the center of the city, the Bach Ma is considered as the oldest temple from the beginning of 18th century. It owns much of the current structure and a shrine to Confucius in 1839. Besides, the Temple was originally constructed under the Ly dynasty in the 11st century to honor a white horse that guided the King Ly Thai to his site. Then he commanded to build his city walls kept the dynasty. Through the wonderful old wooden doors of the pagoda, visitors can see a statue of the legendary white horse and look around a beautiful red-lacquered funeral palanquin as well.

The unique structure of Bach Ma Temple

Most of visitors who took Vietnam Travel going to the temple might realize that it is really a unique structure. The Bach Ma Temple is made up of a wooden framework along with big iron-wood columns. At the same time, the rafters were joining together to form a weight-bearing structure and an art-work abundant following decorative carvings. The incense-burning house is combined with a carapace-shaped roof. The architecture is considered as a unique style until now that attracts many of visitors.

Combining Bach Ma Temple with other spots

Actually, Bach Ma Temple is one of the four district gate temples of ancient Thang Long located at the four compass points of Quan Thanh Temple to the North, Kim Lien Communal House and temple to the South, Bach Ma Temple to the East and Voi Phuc Temple to the West. All of these spots have long been in the significant tourist attractions in Hanoi capital. Among these famous places to visit, Bach Ma Temple is the oldest one and its existence has been documented over more than 1,000 years. The temple, at present, contains various valuable relics including stone, altars, statues and shrines. Along with artistic and architectural elements, Bach Ma Temple is also considered as a valuable resource for researching the history of Hanoi in general and Thang Long in particular.

Bach Ma Temple – A must-see attraction

In general, Bach Ma Temple is another side of Hanoian spiritual life. With great architecture and interior decoration, the old temple is not just a historical building and even a real evidence of some Vietnamese old fairly tails. Visitors coming to Hanoi can make a deep sight to the temple to leave from the hustle atmosphere. Besides, there are many people who want to pray for health and wealth in Bach Ma Temple.

Hotels around Bach Ma temple

Travelling to Hanoi, you might care about how to stay here. It is very easy to find good hotel that is nearby Bach Ma Temple. There are some famous hotels namely Hanoi Paradise Hotel, Atrium Hotel, Camellia Hotel, Hanoi Boutique Hotel, Hanoi Elite Hotel, etc. These hotels have good services with appropriate price for visitors. Now let’s book a tour to go to Hanoi to explore something new.


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Vietnam tour packages with Vietnam Original Travel – comments of WTSTATS

Are you looking for a dream trip in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar? Are you concerning about the best Vietnam travel Agency or the best Vietnam tour packages? Let come to see us – Vietnam Original Travel (VOT) – a branch of WTstats. We guarantee to provide the best services for your unforgettable trip in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

Vietnam Original Travel is a company located in Vietnam specializing in many types of Vietnam tour packages and also expanding to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. VOT was founded by Mr Manh Duc who has worked in the travel industry for over 12 years and he also has received the award of the young businessman. Mr Manh Duc worked in WTstats before the company decided to open a branch – VOT. The company is always proud of being a leading Vietnam Travel Agency and is awarded top 10 best travel agencies by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. With over 12 year experience, we always work hard to meet the expectation from clients.

Why should you choose Vietnam Original Travel – branch of famous Wtstats?

Thanks to the internet, it is much easier, more economical and simple to find a Vietnam Travel Agency which can give you some Vietnam tour packages. Just stay at home and use Google and enter some keywords for your search, you can find a forest of agencies. This will be your good chance, as you have many opportunities to find good and reliable agency; but also can be your nightmare in case you put the trust to scammers.

On the website of VOT (or on WTstats website), you can see the registration No of the ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism as well as the deposit certificate at the bank to guarantee the company operation. Besides, you can find VOT on many travel forums where our clients have given rates after their travels with us which can be the proof of reliable agency.

VOT is specialized in designing tailor-made Vietnam tour packages and providing unique and authentic travel experiences. The company has two offices which are in Hanoi (in the building of mother company – WTstats) and Saigon where will be the fly-in and fly-out destinations of travellers. By doing so, clients can have the best assistances at any time. We only offer modern and new vehicles; most clean, convenient and well-located accommodations or professional and knowledgeable guides at different languages. With experience in depth and large infrastructure, VOT can be easy to design unique itineraries with confidence in operation to meet the most sophisticated client wishes. We have a deep understanding of many unexplored parts of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam so can be your travel advisors with wonderful, innovative and interesting new Vietnam tour packages.

Vietnam Original Travel (or WTstats) is a fully registered company. Our awards and excellent recommendations are making us more reputable and unbeatable and have supported the company to continue the best experience for clients in the future. The company helps travelers to satisfy their passion for travel by sharing our insider knowledge and inspiration which will get travellers access to unique destinations. Our professional is all about reputation and relationship has led us to the most famous service provider in South East Asia.

What are Vietnam tour packages of Vietnam Original Travel (WTstats)?

VOT offer tailor-made travel services and Vietnam tour packages for private tours, business travel, meetings, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). Moreover, company provides a wide range of travelers from leisure travelers, couples, families, foodies, golfers, scuba divers and many other special requested travellers.

There are different tours in Vietnam tour packages from the beach, museum, and city to trekking. The duration is either from day tours or multiple days tours. VOT invests much in product development so will keep travellers up to date on the lasts tours. Each tour is designed to combine wide range of activities from culture to history and mix with the local best, allowing the travelers to get the real feel of places they visit. Travellers can visit company or WTstats ‘ website to check the most suitable tours and send requests, consultants will reply very quickly.

Company’s mission and responsibility

As a local Vietnam travel agency, VOT aim to create the best places for all travelers to visit and better places for the locals. The company believes that only acts responsibly and sustainably can build long cooperation with the locals who are also partners and will serve our clients on behalf of us. We can minimize the negative effects from travel industry on the environment and boost the positive influence of tourism by preserving the destinations for future generations. We believe that with all our helps, the destinations will be much better.

What you can find from Vietnam Tour Packages?

In the packages, travellers can find the most suitable tours that meet their expectation. Also, you can find useful information for their trip as well as overview of destinations such as, tourist attractions in Vietnam, what to eat, what to do, what to avoid, when the best time to travel to Vietnam or what places to visit in Vietnam….some tours including Vietnam holidays 10 days, Mekong Delta Day tour, Hoi An walking street tour or foodie tour….

Below is some useful information about destinations which are shown on the Vietnam tour packages.

Hanoi: located in the Red river delta and is famous for its buildings in French architectures, old tree lines, museums and traditional craft villages, especially the bustling Old Quarter with craft streets…

In Hanoi, travelers can visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of literature, Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Opera house or travel by cyclo around the Old Quarter to discover lively craft streets.

The best time to visit Hanoi is from October to December when we will find warm (25 to 300C) and low humidity.

Halong Bay is a wonder of world is also listed in Vietnam the most recommended place. The bay is well endowed with thousands islands with limestone mountains jutting out the sea and grottos. Sailing around the bay is recommended. During the tour visitors can enjoy the landscape, join great activities including kayaking, swimming, discovering caves, and taste delicious sea food…

Halong is about 160 km from Hanoi to the North. Travellers can only reach here by road, cars or motorcycles.

Hue: unlike Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Hue has still remained its unique cultural identity. Hue is a small, peaceful with many lakes, canals and lush vegetation. Hue was ancient capital of Vietnam and is famous for imperial city, royal mausoleums like Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh… and pagodas…

How to arrive in Hue is also mentioned in the Vietnam tour packages. Visitors can reach Hue by road (car, train) or airplane from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

Hoi An: is the world heritage in 1999 and was the bustling port in French colony. Hoi An is well-known for old, Chinese architecture buildings. This peaceful is a “must-visit” destination for travelers to Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh: the most modern city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh still attracts tourists by its bustling and French colonial architectures. Also the city is like the gate to Mekong Delta where travelers can find authentic and unique.

Some places in the Vietnam are recommended including Notre Dam Cathedral, Central post office, Reunification palace, Opera House….

To arrive in Ho Chi Minh, travelers can fly directly from their countries or if depart from Hanoi, travelers can use train, car or flight as well.

Reviews from clients

Mr Antony (traveled in March 2015)

I would like to say thank you to WTstats and VOT for your organizing a wonderful trip while I was in Vietnam. I found the perfect trip from Vietnam Tour Packages which totally met our expectations. I was amazed by the company’s services from transport, accommodation and guide. I loved the staff here as they knowledgeable and professional.

Mr wtstats (traveled in April 2016)

We stayed in a clean and well-located hotel with a great view from windows. I cannot stop recommending to my friends.  My trip to Nha Trang and Hoi An was amazing. Thank you for your organizing. I surely do not hesitate to using you service again for next visit in Vietnam. See you! Love to friends in WTstats


Words from director

All travellers have chosen us and they all are satisfied with our services. WTstats  and VOT are here for your needs, we totally understand what you are worrying for your travel to first time-visit destinations. Our staff is experienced, professional and knowledgeable about destinations. You can find some better agencies, but we ensure that we all are always devoted to our clients and available for 24 hours to fulfill your needs. Let’s come to see us and discover Vietnam Tour packages to make your trips become true.


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