Ba Na Hill


Having come to Da Nang without going to Ba Na Hill, you will surely regret having missed the most interesting place in Da Nang. So that I and my family decided to go to Ba Na Hill on the second day after coming to Da Nang.

Traveling to Ba Na Hill

You can choose to book a day tour to Da Nang of the travel agencies. They usually pick you up at the city center or at the hotel you request. The tour price of each travel agency is quite different, however, most are from 800,000 to 850,000 VND per person. The price includes buffet lunch at the Ba Na restaurant and other extra fees. Families having children often choose this form because it helps the children to feel less tired when moving.

However, the couple did not choose to book a tour but chose to drive their own motorcycle to Ba Na hill. Because after the tour’s time reference is quite limited, cannot be a comfortable time. With motorbike rental rates ranging from VND 100,000 to VND 150,000 per day, you can move freely. At first, my wife and I were a bit scared because we did not know the way, but we knew that the way to go to Ba Na was very easy, the road was wide, there were not many steep hills.

At first, I was quite scared if I get lost when traveling to Ba Na. However, I wasn’t anymore as the way to Ba Na is easy, it was wide and there weren’t many steep hills.

What to bring along during you travel

Money is the first thing you mustn’t forget in your inventory. If you decide to travel without choosing a tour from a travel agency, you will need to buy a cable ticket about 600,000 VND per each adult and 500,000 per child. Especially the cable ticket is free for children under 1m. In case, you book a Ba Na tour, the cable ticket is included, therefore, you don’t need to buy it anymore.

Then you can not forget to bring food when you come here. Some people think that the food is expensive and quality is not so great, so they bring their own food and easily choose a nice seat for lunch. Alternatively, you can choose to have a light snack at the wine cellar where people sell the wines for you to enjoy after a visit with which you can eat a little cake. For services of travel agency, they often order food at the station restaurants, you can also buy more buffet tickets here for 180,000 VND per person.

Another point to note is that you should bring your hat in case the temperature there is too high.

Where to stay

To feel the atmosphere here, you can choose to stay at the hotel in Ba Na. Mercure French Village hotel is a good choice with the price for a night at the hotel is about 2 million VND. However, there are currently various promotions for travelers here.

Must-join activities

First of all, there are ten gardens at Debay Station. It will definitely make you surprised with thousands of flowers blooming. Each garden has a different name. This is where you absolutely can not miss when coming to Ba Na. To get here, after getting off Debay Station you can choose to go hiking or going by train.

Return to Debay station to continue going on the cable to the French Village on the top of Ba Na. The first scene you see is the French architectural castle. It is like you are going to another country with a bustling atmosphere and cold temperatures. Here you can freely visit and take photos with the unique architecture.

In particular, Fantasy Park is an indoor play area of 21,000 square meters, with a 3-story design style of an ancient castle of international class. There are hundreds of games to choose from here, from fun games for kids to adventure games. Another interesting point is that you can have unlimited fun time and absolutely free.

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It may take up to an hour to queue up on the cable, which can frustrate you a little, but surely when you reach to heaven on Ba Na you will find the effort previously deserved.


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