Nghe An banh beo cake


Banh beo is simple from the name. When mentioning the name of the cake, people think of simple, fragile and small things like duckweed in the ponds or remote lakes.

Having the same name but banh beo cake in Nghe An, Hue, Hai Phong, and other regions in Vietnam are completely different. The cuisine of each region is very clear on this dish. Many people will be surprised because the cake of Nghe An is not much different than the bot loc cake of Hue. This is also an interesting way to name dishes in different regions. If the Hue banh beo c is made from rice flour, the Nghe An banh beo is made from filtered flour with the meat of the shrimp and fried onion eaten with coriander.

The cake is rolled into a round shape and then folded in half to keep the core inside. The semi-circular bot loc cake which is clear enough to see the shrimp and lean meat inside the cake, what an eye-catching cake! Each dish is sprinkled with dried onions, a little coriander and poured with fish sauce on the top of it. In addition, in Nghe An, there are also fried banh beo and banh beo covering in leaves for tourists to choose.

To get the upshot is the small banh beo, people have to knead the dough several times thoroughly to have a delicious batch. After being thoroughly kneaded, the powder will be divided into small particles to fit the hands. Next, the baker rolls the dough into flattened shape in the palm of the hand, add the shrimp and lean meat, then cleverly pull the dough over the whole kernel.

After the molding process is finished, the cake is put into a pot of boiling water, then cover the pot until the cakes rise and the powder turns to clear color which means the cake is cooked. The cakes will be picked out and placing on the plate.

Enjoy the delicious banh beo with sweet taste mixed with the taste of shrimp and lean meat, a bit spicy of chili sauce, along with the aroma characteristic of coriander, is enough to catch every dinners’ heart

Come to Nghe An, you also do not forget to enjoy two quite strange banh beo, fried banh beo and banh beo covered by leaves.

Banh beo leaf cake made in Nghe An is wrapped in banana leaves. Each plate of banh beo has about a dozen small cake size two fingers. When eating, you have to peel the leaves of bananas, so that this cake has a special aroma – the smell of banana leaves. The small cake is beautifully wrapped in banana leaves and is always placed in the steamer so that when being served the food is still hot.

It will be a big mistake if eating banh beo leaf cake without fish sauce. Fish sauce is made like the fish sauce of Hue bah beo or bot loc cake. But instead of pouring the sauce onto the cake like banh beo or bot loc, fish sauce is separated in a small bowl. In the bowl, people sprinkle little dry onions to create the aroma for the bowl of sauce, stimulating the taste of people enjoying.

What could be more wonderful when you sit with enjoying the banh beo cake, peeling the hot ones, dots in the bowl of fish sauce and slowly enjoy the delicious taste of the leaf cakes.

Another variation of this cake is the fried banh beo cakes. Instead of the cakes with a damp wet outside, the fried banh beo is covered with a golden sponge but the inside of the dough is fine thoroughly kneaded dough. Many tourists come here to eat often called this fried nem chua of Nghe An because of the crispy crust crumbled with chili sauce instead of fish sauce.

The fillings of the fried banh beo and banh beo the leaf cake remain the original ones which are still shrimp and lean meat. The difference is only the outer shell and how to ripen. Now the tourists have three kinds of delicious and strange Nghe An cake to enjoy when having the opportunity to visit this Central land.


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