Sapa Silver Waterfall – the fairyland

Sapa Silver Waterfall – the fairyland

Sapa Silver Waterfall poured from the height of more than 200 meters in the area of forest of Northwest. This place is definitely the best place when people can have relaxing time after hard-working days in bustling cities. In the beautiful days with clear sky, standing on the top Ham Rong in the town of Sapa, tourists can see from far distance is the white waterfall as silver, and the name of the waterfalls also originated from that. Especially in the winter, the Silver Waterfall area has one of the thickest snows layers in Sapa.

About Sapa Silver Waterfall, the waterfall is located at the foot of O Quy Ho Pass, which is composed of many water circuits from Can Thang Plateau and is upstream of the romantic Muong Hoa Stream. Surrounding the waterfall, there is a green vegetation all year round.

Traveling about 30 minutes by motorbike or bus, visitors can visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sa Pa in particular and the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam in general. According to many statistics, almost all visitors when joining the Sa Pa tour, Lao Cai do not hesitate to join the Silver waterfall tour. The road from Sapa, passing through the green pines, the rubber trees covered the whole hillsides, roses carpet spread under the valley, all of these things will take you to the Sapa Silver Waterfall.

The waterfall has long been famous as a tourist attraction of Sa Pa. It is about 200 meters high, which is upstream of Muong Hoa stream, located at the foot of O Quy pass, about 12 km from Sapa town. Standing at the foot of the Silver Waterfall, we can see the rumbling water flowing down, the white foam bursting with the swish sound in the mountains making the feeling extremely wild and mysterious. It all makes people so small. With waterfall travel, visitors feel like they are in another world, as the Silver waterfall appears before the eyes is a waterfall from the high ravine, the water rumbling down, white foam burst as the flowers. Each cascade is a different level of emotions.

Here, along with the stairs to the bridge arch at the height of about 30 meters, visitors will feel like the waterfall is pouring to your side. On the waterfall is the water droplets spread like cloud obscuring part of the waterfall, below is bubbly splashing like “dancing” in the yellow sunshine, slightly cool, resonating in the middle of the majestic mountains. Go up Sapa Silver Waterfall, you can also admire the panoramic view of Sapa Mountain, Sin Chai valley with the village looming in the mist, surrounded by serial giant mountain ranges till the skyline.

After enjoying the charming scenery, you can take a stroll around the Sapa Silver Waterfall, catching ethnic Mong women who dressed in colorful brocade costumes with blushed pink cheeks, offering visitors to buy craft products souvenirs such as beautiful necklaces, hats, wallets, embroidered towels, etc. And under the cool trees are some restaurants with rustic dishes such as lam rice, grilled corn, grilled chicken eggs, sweet potato roasted on the charcoal stove rise fragrant, apricot wine, cider wine, and so on ready to invite guests.


Sapa Silver Waterfall from the foot of the waterfall, turn right into the road, take another pass to the Sapa Silver Water Waterfall Salmon’s Farm where you can see firsthand the swimming salmon in the tropical region. And if you want to try this European food, you can visit the Sapa Silver Waterfall Restaurant located near the tourist gate to enjoy the salmon hotpot, salmon salad, grilled salmon, grilled salmon with mustard sauce and a lot of other dishes related to salmon or buy salmon as a gift.

After climbing the steps up to the waterfall, visitors can see the majestic scenery of nature. Then, you can go down to the foot of the waterfall to enjoy the delicious dishes of Sapa forest like roasted eggs, wild birds, pork, etc. After eating, rest enough to regain the energy, visitors can continue their journey to the O Quy Ho pass. This is considered to be the highest pass in Vietnam.

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