Three gains and four losses need to know when traveling to vietnam during off-season

Three gains and four losses need to know when traveling to vietnam during off-season

Traveling is passion, favorite or dream of many people in all over the world. However, not all people have enough money to travel to anywhere in all over the world, so budget traveling are being looked for by many people. One of the reason for saving is to travel during low season. However, but there are also some advantages which you may experience.

  1. GAINS
  2. Cost saving

Cost saving is considered as the biggest gain for traveling in the low season in Vietnam. For myself, I often chose to travel during off-season. During this time, service cost from flight tickets to restaurants, will be much cheaper than that in peak season. Besides, accommodations will not be booked out early. Also, if book tour packages, you will be offered with better prices.


I still remember that in the late last year, I booked a tour to Cat Ba from Hanoi – 3 days 2 nights visiting some island; the price was just around US $100.

  1. Hunting cheap tours

There are some places (especially historical monuments), travel in group tours will be cheaper than private tours. Many people often buy tours through local agencies in the center cities with the hope of better prices. However, many people have to pay more than their planning, because, the services may not be as what they are introduced, for example they may have to pay for their meals which are more expensive than being included in the tour packages. Therefore, finding and book promotion tours from a reliable Vietnam agency is advised.

  1. Being comfort and avoiding crowds

Another benefit from traveling during off-season is the comfort, because you nearly do not have to see the crowds. Famous beaches, tourist places will be strangely peaceful and quiet. Therefore, you will really enjoy the wonderful trip.


Above are what you gain from off-season travel, but there will be some problems which you may regret.

  1. Facing bad weather

In Vietnam, the high season for traveling from October to April. During this time, the weather also is bad sometimes. However, there is not much rain like in the remaining period. The weather will affect a lot to your trip. Therefore, if you travel during off-season, you should prepare suitable items and clothes accordance with seasons.

  1. Landscapes not being great

If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, off-season travel is not suitable. At some places, the landscapes are only at the best if you visit on the right time, such as wild cabbage’s flowers in Moc Chau or rice blooming season in Mu Cang Chai. If possible, you should check the weather for the whole month and choose the nice days.

  1. Missing the local specialties

Some local specialties are only made in some periods. For instance, if you travel to Mekong Delta during floating season, you can enjoy the best foods from fishes. Similarly, there are many types of tropical fruits are served during this season.

  1. Missing traditional local festivals

Festivals in Vietnam are often hold during high season for travel. Festivals is the best things for visitors who want to explore and experience local cultures and custom. During this time, you can participate in folk games and share culture knowledge with the locals or other visitors.

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