Visiting Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi

Visiting Bach Ma Temple in Hanoi

Where is Bach Ma Temple located?

Bach Ma Temple is one of the best famous attractions in Hanoi that is located in Hoan Kiem district. In the center of the city, the Bach Ma is considered as the oldest temple from the beginning of 18th century. It owns much of the current structure and a shrine to Confucius in 1839. Besides, the Temple was originally constructed under the Ly dynasty in the 11st century to honor a white horse that guided the King Ly Thai to his site. Then he commanded to build his city walls kept the dynasty. Through the wonderful old wooden doors of the pagoda, visitors can see a statue of the legendary white horse and look around a beautiful red-lacquered funeral palanquin as well.

The unique structure of Bach Ma Temple

Most of visitors who took Vietnam Travel going to the temple might realize that it is really a unique structure. The Bach Ma Temple is made up of a wooden framework along with big iron-wood columns. At the same time, the rafters were joining together to form a weight-bearing structure and an art-work abundant following decorative carvings. The incense-burning house is combined with a carapace-shaped roof. The architecture is considered as a unique style until now that attracts many of visitors.

Combining Bach Ma Temple with other spots

Actually, Bach Ma Temple is one of the four district gate temples of ancient Thang Long located at the four compass points of Quan Thanh Temple to the North, Kim Lien Communal House and temple to the South, Bach Ma Temple to the East and Voi Phuc Temple to the West. All of these spots have long been in the significant tourist attractions in Hanoi capital. Among these famous places to visit, Bach Ma Temple is the oldest one and its existence has been documented over more than 1,000 years. The temple, at present, contains various valuable relics including stone, altars, statues and shrines. Along with artistic and architectural elements, Bach Ma Temple is also considered as a valuable resource for researching the history of Hanoi in general and Thang Long in particular.

Bach Ma Temple – A must-see attraction

In general, Bach Ma Temple is another side of Hanoian spiritual life. With great architecture and interior decoration, the old temple is not just a historical building and even a real evidence of some Vietnamese old fairly tails. Visitors coming to Hanoi can make a deep sight to the temple to leave from the hustle atmosphere. Besides, there are many people who want to pray for health and wealth in Bach Ma Temple.

Hotels around Bach Ma temple

Travelling to Hanoi, you might care about how to stay here. It is very easy to find good hotel that is nearby Bach Ma Temple. There are some famous hotels namely Hanoi Paradise Hotel, Atrium Hotel, Camellia Hotel, Hanoi Boutique Hotel, Hanoi Elite Hotel, etc. These hotels have good services with appropriate price for visitors. Now let’s book a tour to go to Hanoi to explore something new.


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